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Ensuring a Green Recovery
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Towards a Just Transition
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Governance for Resilience
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Fiscal Policy revised
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Objectives and Structure of the Conference

Classic keynotes and opening panels (1 hour each) will take place in the morning of each conference day to open the floor for discussion, and set the scene for the interactive Policy Labs. The key challenges discussed in the morning will guide and kick-off the co-creative process of developing policy ideas within a series of four Policy Labs: Green Recovery, Just Recovery, Governance for Resilience and Fiscal Policy. Chatham House Rules apply.

Joint objectives of the Conference and Policy Labs

  • create a space for public sector innovation
  • identify and prioritize long-term challenges to effectively deliver the goals of the Green Deal and induce a transition to a new era of resilience and sustainability 
  • co-create transformative policy ideas and define next steps to address these long-term challenges 
  • build new cross-institutional networks within the European Commission and beyond. to take these ideas forward

Process during the Policy Labs

The interactive policy labs span over a period of three hours and are divided into four main sections: 

  1. Lab Check-in: In this part of the policy lab, the facilitators will define and outline the overall lab objectives with the participants (30 to 40 persons per lab).
  2. Challenge Space: In the first part of the Policy Lab, small groups consisting of 4-5 participants are formed. Within these groups, long term challenges and questions specific to the policy lab’s content will be defined.

We will assemble the small groups based on the criteria of gender-balance and different institutional background to create a diverse and open-minded spirit in the groups that facilitates different perspectives on a topic. 

  1. Action Space: In the second part of the Policy Lab, the defined questions are translated into tangible actions and kicks-off the co-creative process of policy innovation (on both policy design and implementation level).
  2. Conclusion and Outlook: In this space, the different policy ideas generated in the small groups are presented in the big plenum. To uphold the momentum and drive of the policy labs, the formation of ex-post working groups will be discussed. 

Comment by Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis 

After 3 days full of active participation, brainstorming and co-creation, on Friday, 18 September 14:00 to 15:00 (CEST), Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, will personally comment on the fruits of your work generated in the Policy Labs. After the Vice President has given a short input, Jonathan Barth (ZOE-Institute) will present selected ideas of the Policy Labs to the Vice President. As a participant, you will also have the opportunity to directly address some of your own questions to the Vice President. 


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