Towards a Just Recovery

»Let's take it step by step and move ahead together to make this a just transition and a Green Deal for all, not just the lucky few. «
Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission

How do we ensure that the green recovery turns into a just recovery that delivers wellbeing for all? Since the Green Deal’s initial launch, the Commission has emphasised the different societal realities in Europe. COVID-19 has further revealed and exacerbated inequalities between and within member states. Building a low carbon economy will mean losses for some but also create  many new opportunities. This policy lab focuses on how we achieve a fair distribution of the benefits resulting from the green recovery. In particular, we focus on identifying pathways to more secure livelihoods, higher- quality jobs and greater equality.

Policy Lab objectives

The policy lab on a “Just Recovery” takes the most recent recovery programs as a working base to 

  • Define metrics to measure the success of a “Just Recovery” 
  • Identify where and how the Recovery programs can channel investments
  • Discuss how a Just Recovery can improve citizens’ access to basic goods and services 

Guiding Questions

  • Access: What constitutes the basic goods and services necessary for a just recovery and how might Just Recovery and Resilience and Recovery Plans create equal access to these?
  • Success criteria: How might the Commission and Member States define a just recovery in terms of livelihoods, job quality, and inequalities, without limiting the definition to skills and employment?
  • Investment: How might we enable member states to invest in a way that doesn’t put workers and the environment at risk?

Relevant EU processes

Speaker and Panelists

Prof. Kate Raworth
Senior Visiting Research Associate, University of Oxford
Kerstin Jorna
Director-General DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Barbara Kauffmann
Director DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Astrid Schomaker
Director DG Environment

Preparatory material